4 Signs You Need Aluminum Siding Repair in Denver

Aluminum siding is a smart choice for many homeowners; it’s durable, long-lasting, and affordable. But like any other home improvement project, siding can be costly to replace. Luckily, most issues with your aluminum siding can be fixed with aluminum siding repair in Denver. As one of the top siding repair contractors in the area, we’ve handled our fair share of aluminum siding problems and have helped tons of homeowners restore their siding to mint condition. 

Over the years, there are a few problems we’ve seen time and time again on these repair projects. Let’s dive into a few of the many benefits of aluminum siding before outlining the four most common repairs of this siding material. 

Reasons to Install Aluminum Siding

This product has been around since the 1950s, so it’s no wonder it’s still one of the best choices for your home exterior. Homeowners looking to save will find that aluminum offers a cost-effective solution to siding. And it is very paintable, so owners can try out various colors on this siding material to make their home attractive. 

Since it is metal, aluminum siding is resistant to rot, pests, and rust, making it a low-maintenance option for many homeowners. While aluminum siding offers a great many benefits, there are times when it will need repairs. Here are four of the most common repairs we see with this siding material

The Siding has Dents and Scratches

Although aluminum siding is durable, it is more likely to be dented or scratched because it’s exposed to the elements. It’s also softer than other materials like fiber cement or vinyl siding, and given enough time, your siding will get dinged up. That’s why dents and scratches are the number one reason why homeowners need repairs. 

Fortunately, these blemishes are easy to fix. You can attempt to do it yourself but without a trained hand, you can end up causing more damage. Hire a skilled contractor to repair dents and scratches, and rest easy knowing your aluminum siding will be taken care of. 

It Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the downsides of aluminum siding is how fast the color can dull. Over time, the sun can fade the colors or give the siding a muddy look that isn’t pleasing to the eye. However, all your siding needs is some new paint to look beautiful again!  

If you notice that your aluminum siding has faded from years of exposure to the elements, it may be time to repaint. The best way to do this is to call an expert who will use high-quality paint and can help you match the color to your current one or choose a new hue that adds to your home’s curb appeal.  

There are Holes and Cracks

If you have holes or cracks in your siding, they’re not just unsightly; they could lead to water seeping through the exterior and damaging your home. To prevent this, make sure you hire a professional for aluminum siding repair in Denver. They’ll know what kind of problems you might run into later and which ones require immediate attention. They can also help match the caulk (used to fill the holes and cracks) to the color of your paint so the repaired sections don’t stand out. 

It's Making Loud Noises

Aluminum is naturally noisier than other siding materials because it’s made of metal. When there are high winds and rain, you will likely hear a slight pinging as it hits the siding. While there’s no way to avoid that, other issues can make the volume excessive. 

In some cases, contractors may install the siding too tightly, so it doesn’t have room to expand or contract during temperature changes. The opposite problem can have the same effect though. If your aluminum siding is too loose, it will clang against the side of your home and can fall off in windy conditions. In these types of situations, there are repairs a contractor can make to reduce the noise of your siding. 

What to Expect When You Need Aluminum Siding Repair in Denver

Aluminum siding’s affordability isn’t limited to just the installation, but also extends to any necessary repairs. Most aluminum siding issues will be inexpensive to repair and can be completed quickly. As long as you hire a reputable company, you should experience minimal downtime and enjoy long-term results. An expert will also be able to tell you if replacing the siding is a more sensible decision.

No one does aluminum siding repair in Denver like Koalaty Home Services. You can trust your home with our team of qualified professionals. We provide high-quality aluminum siding repairs and installations when needed to homeowners across the metro area and beyond. Whether you need services for your current aluminum siding or are interested in learning about other types of siding, Koalaty is ready to help.

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