What to Expect During Your Siding Installation in Denver

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Siding upgrades are a great way to improve the look of your home and add value to it. New siding materials (and the weather resistant barrier underneath) can also help you save money on energy bills by helping to keep heat or cold from entering your home. However, siding installation requires some serious skill and experience, so it’s best to have a professional handle the work for you. It’s helpful to know what to expect during your siding installation in Denver before you start working with a contractor. 

What exactly does the process look like? What are the specific steps that your contractor will take? Here are some things that you can expect during the installation of your new siding, so you can have peace of mind throughout your installation. 

The Old Siding is Removed

Obviously, before installing new siding, the old siding has to come off first. However, it can’t just be ripped off haphazardly. The old siding materials must be removed carefully so as not to damage any part of the house accidentally. After it’s removed, the contractor will haul away the old materials or set them aside neatly until your siding install in Denver is complete. 

The Exterior Wall is Prepared

Once the previous siding is removed, the exterior wall needs to be properly prepared for new siding. What does that mean? Mainly, your contractor will inspect the exterior of your home for any damage or rot that may have been hidden by the old siding materials. For proper installation, the exterior wall has to be sturdy, so this is a crucial step. If the contractor finds any problems, those issues will need to be repaired before continuing with the siding installation project. Your siding contractor will typically also install a weather resistant barrier such as Tyvek or James Hardie house wrap and tape the seams and penetrations to keep your home dry and protected. 

Adding Insulation

When the old siding is removed, there may be an additional layer of insulation underneath that will be removed as well. Some older homes may not have this extra layer of exterior insulation. Either way, your siding contractor can discuss adding insulating materials to your home’s exterior before installing the new siding to ensure your home remains well-insulated. The insulation will help keep your home comfortable from high and low temperatures, while the siding protects from the elements. 

Your siding contractor will discuss your options for insulating materials during your initial consultation to make sure you’re comfortable with the material to be installed. 

Time for the New Siding

Now the time has finally come to install your new siding. This process will be slightly different based on the siding material and the total area for your installation. For example, vinyl siding is simple to install due to its lightweight nature, but fiber cement siding is heavier and requires special equipment to install. That’s why it’s important to have an expert working on your siding install in Denver. They’ll know exactly what to do for your home’s new siding and can ensure it’s done correctly. 

This is also the appropriate time to paint the siding if you wish to change the original color. Your siding contractor can handle the paint application for you and align the siding color with your preferred aesthetic. 

A Complete Cleanup

The last step of every siding installation is the cleanup process. Siding installation projects generally create a large amount of dust and debris, so this is an important step. All old and leftover materials should be disposed of properly by your contractor, often in a dumpster brought to the property by them. Your contractor may also wash down various areas of or around your property to get rid of any dust and grit that gathered during the project. 

At Koalaty Home Services, we work hard so that your installation goes off without a hitch, from the initial meeting to the final touches. Whether you are replacing old siding or have a new building that needs siding for the first time, our pros will deliver quality craftsmanship. 

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