Winter Roof Maintenance Tips from our Local Roofers in Denver

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The winter weather is here, and it is important to ensure that your roof is in good condition to withstand the harsh cold, high winds, and snow storms. Denver’s cold weather and snow can cause damage to roofs if they are not properly maintained. To help protect your home from the elements, our local roofers in Denver have compiled a list of tips for winter roof maintenance. 

If you follow these tips and are proactive about the maintenance of your roofing system, you’ll greatly reduce your risk of damage and enjoy long-term savings. 

Remove Snow and Ice

Removing snow and ice from your roof is one of the biggest parts of winter roof maintenance. Snow can become heavy over time, and the weight can cause damage to your roof. Melting snow can also cause extensive water damage too if your gutters or drip guards aren’t well maintained. 

To prevent roofing issues due to snow and ice, make sure you regularly remove any snow that has piled up on the roof. This can be done by using a snow rake or plastic shovel to gently scrape the snow off the roof.

Inspect Your Attic

As we go through winter, your attic should be checked at least once or twice for any signs of water damage, such as water stains or mold growth. Don’t forget to check for any gaps in the insulation that could allow heat to escape or water to enter your home. These kinds of attic issues can cause unwanted moisture damage and will lead to more serious problems down the road. If you find any of these issues in your attic, contact local roofers in Denver to repair them before they get worse. 

Check for Wind Damage

Don’t underestimate the power of winter winds. We’ve seen plenty of roofs get damaged by strong gusts and multiple rows of shingles get blown off, leaving homes vulnerable to the elements. Check your roof after a bad storm or high winds to make sure it hasn’t affected your home. 

There are some issues you’ll be able to spot without having to climb on top of your home. All you really need to do is inspect the ground around your property for any roofing materials that might have been blown off, but don’t forget to look up at your roof too. If you do notice any damage, schedule repairs immediately. 

Repair Broken or Missing Flashing

Broken or missing flashing is one of the most common causes of roof damage during the winter. Flashing is a thin metal sheet that is used to seal areas where two different materials meet, such as around chimneys and vents. If the flashing becomes damaged or falls off, it can allow water to seep in and cause extensive damage. To prevent this, inspect your flashing regularly and schedule repairs for any issues. 

Clear Gutters

You may not link your gutters and roof together, but gutters are essential to a well-maintained roof and should be cleared regularly throughout the year. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up, leading to a freeze-thaw cycle that separates the shingles from your roof and lets in moisture. 

In an ideal situation, clean out any debris from your gutters before the winter season begins. But, if you didn’t get to it in the fall, you can still clear out your gutters during the winter. Don’t forget to check those gutters throughout all year round for any buildup or clogs. 

Navigate Winter Home Maintenance with Our Local Roofers in Denver

Our local roofers are here to help you protect your home from the winter blues! We understand that the cold weather and snow can cause damage to roofs if they are neglected, so we offer a variety of services to ensure that your roof is ready for any season. From inspecting your roof for water damage to repairing broken or missing flashing, our experienced team of local roofers in Denver can help you maintain and improve your roof. 

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